Sleepbox in Airport by Arch Group

Feeling sleepy after a long journey or maybe while waiting for your next plane ?Or maybe imagine that you have not booked a hotel in a stranger city... Arrgghh... absolutely that situation is not nice. All you can do is just sit on the hard waiting chair ( or maybe sofa if you are lucky enough).

Now, you don't need to worry anymore. Because Russian architects Arch Group have designed a booth for taking a quick nap in busy urban environments called Sleepbox, the units could be rented for between fifteen minutes and several hours. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city without wasting time searching for a hotel.

The architects envisage them installed at train stations, airports and shopping centres. In countries with warm climate SLEEPBOX can be used on the streets. Thanks to SLEEPBOX any person has an opportunity to spend the night safely and cheaply in case of emergency, or when you have to spend few hours with your baggage.

Sleepbox is a small mobile space (box) 2mx1.4mx2.3m (h). The main functional element in it is a bed 2×0.6 m, which is equipped with automatic system of change of bed linen. Bed is soft, flexible strip of foamed polymer with the surface of the pulp tissue. Tape is rewound from one shaft to another, changing the bed. If a client wants to sleep in maximum comfort, he can take the normal set of bed linen for an extra fee.

Sleepbox is also equipped with a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, WiFi, sockets for a laptop, charging phones. Also under the lounges is a place for luggage

After the clients exit, automatic change of bed linen starts and quartz lamps turns on. Payment can be made on a shared terminal, which provides the client with an electronic key. It is possible to buy from 15 minutes to several hours. It is also intended primarily to perform one main function – to enable a person to sleep peacefully. But it can also be equipped with various additional functions, depending on the situation. Application of the device can be very broad, not only in the form of paid public service, but also for internal purposes of organizations and companies.

Wondering will Singapore Changi install these? or maybe in Jakarta :P


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