How to clean your Swarovski Jewelry

There are some simple cleaning tips on how to clean and maintenance the beauty of the Swarovski jewelry.
  1. Use baby wipe can make your Swarovski jewlery shine again
  2. Make your own solution by mixing water, rubbing alchohol and the dish washing soap. Put that mixing solution in a container together with the jewelry. Close the lid and leave them for at least 3 mins. Rinse the jewelry using warm water (be careful ^^) and final step wipe the jewelry using a dry clean material
  3. Wipe the jewelry with tissue / wet tissue every time after you have wear them
Jewelries are also like parts of our body, they also need to be clean up to maintaining their function as well as their beauty. And looking after these wonderful items can’t take such a lot of your time. In the end, you may realize how significant it is to maintain the cleanliness, brilliance, and clarity of your jewelry that adds up on your personality. Not only for costly jewelry, but all jewelry it is important to learn care tips for jewelry.

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