B-Bracelets Collection V

B-Bracelets Collections V


Heart Pendant Rhodium bracelet
Length : 6.5"


Oval Rhodium with Crystal Flat back swarovski bracelet
Length : 6.5"

Round Rhodium with Crystal and Black Diamond flat back swarovski bracelet
Length : 6.5"


B-Necklaces Collection III

B-Necklaces Collections III

Light rose Heart Pendant with Rhodium Heart Flat back swarovski Necklace
SGD 27

Crystal AB Snowflake pendant (20mm) Necklace
SGD 30


Light Colorado Round Swarovski necklace
SGD 25


Cyrstal Flower and Round Rhodium with crystal flat back swarovski necklace
SGD 27

Washing Machine for Pets - Pet Spa

For pet's lover...pamper your pets with this Pet's Spa Cabin

Several programs are available to meet the different needs of each Pet and breed
The Cabin provides a warm hydro-massage shower stimulating the circulation which is very beneficial for arthritis, muscle weakness, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Temperatures are precisely maintained at the recommended levels by the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Using a precise dosage center the Cabin can deliver a variety of medications and chemicals at exact amounts and intervals.

During the drying process the air is distributed evenly around the Cabin. This is more pleasant for the pet than the normal method using a direct stream of air.

  • save your time (as you don't need to play "catch-me-if-u-can" with your dogs or cats- my dog love to play it >.<) and the time of the bath is usually reduced in half compared to traditional bathing
  • clean and hygiene ( no flying furs - I hate to clean it heuhueh :P)
  • save water and electricity (environment friendly)
  • most important, it can eliminates the stress of our pets
 Buy one and maybe you can open your own LAUNDRY PETS ~

(hahahha...love tis pic)

How deep is your lope?

Hm...any comment?

It happened in Japan and what do you think? The hero man who want to comfort his girlfriend or the mean girl (another sassy girl )...
So How deep is your love guy ~

Sleepbox in Airport by Arch Group

Feeling sleepy after a long journey or maybe while waiting for your next plane ?Or maybe imagine that you have not booked a hotel in a stranger city... Arrgghh... absolutely that situation is not nice. All you can do is just sit on the hard waiting chair ( or maybe sofa if you are lucky enough).

Now, you don't need to worry anymore. Because Russian architects Arch Group have designed a booth for taking a quick nap in busy urban environments called Sleepbox, the units could be rented for between fifteen minutes and several hours. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city without wasting time searching for a hotel.

The architects envisage them installed at train stations, airports and shopping centres. In countries with warm climate SLEEPBOX can be used on the streets. Thanks to SLEEPBOX any person has an opportunity to spend the night safely and cheaply in case of emergency, or when you have to spend few hours with your baggage.

Sleepbox is a small mobile space (box) 2mx1.4mx2.3m (h). The main functional element in it is a bed 2×0.6 m, which is equipped with automatic system of change of bed linen. Bed is soft, flexible strip of foamed polymer with the surface of the pulp tissue. Tape is rewound from one shaft to another, changing the bed. If a client wants to sleep in maximum comfort, he can take the normal set of bed linen for an extra fee.

Sleepbox is also equipped with a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, WiFi, sockets for a laptop, charging phones. Also under the lounges is a place for luggage

After the clients exit, automatic change of bed linen starts and quartz lamps turns on. Payment can be made on a shared terminal, which provides the client with an electronic key. It is possible to buy from 15 minutes to several hours. It is also intended primarily to perform one main function – to enable a person to sleep peacefully. But it can also be equipped with various additional functions, depending on the situation. Application of the device can be very broad, not only in the form of paid public service, but also for internal purposes of organizations and companies.

Wondering will Singapore Changi install these? or maybe in Jakarta :P



How to look good in pictures

No photogenic?? So many women who look gorgeous in person can’t take a good photo to save their lives.  Don’t fret – just learn to use makeup, body positioning, and flattering clothing to make the most of the light and the camera’s effects. Here’s a step by step guide to combating the camera’s cruelty: (WOW)

1. Define your eyebrows.

99% of girls I meet who’ve just had their makeup done by a makeup artist say, “He made my brows way too thick/dark!” Makeup artists know that brows always look wimpier in pictures than they do in real life. Don’t be afraid to fill yours in with some eyebrow powder and make them a little darker than their natural color. Use my guide on creating perfect brows for help.

2. Practice, practice and practice
Practice does make perfect. TIP: Spend a couple of hours having a friend or loved one take snaps of you with a digital camera so you can get immediate feedback on what looks hot and what…not. Put a big mirror on the wall so you’re not winging it “blind.” Once you find a pose that works, make it your trademark

3.Find your game face
This goes back to practising. Every time you’re in front of the mirror (alone hahah), test out some smiles and different head positions. Find the side of your face that flatters you more, so you can try to show that side to your photog for posed (non-candid) shots. Practice a natural-looking smile, as opposed to ye olde “Cheese!” grimace. Apparently, it’s all in the eyes, so go for the glow from there. Also, if you look slightly up at the camera, that’s a flattering angle for most women. Found the right look? Keep practising it whenever you pass the mirror, until it feels – and therefore will look – natural.

4. Contour
Contouring fights nearly all of the camera’s naughtiest features that make you look older, bloated, or tired. Here’s a rundown:
•Use our contouring guide for tips, but skip the shimmery highlighting – sparkly makeup creates strange texture and shadows in photographs, so save it for the club.
•While shimmer is a no-no, a minimal amount of shine is not. (Think dewy – too much will look sweaty.) An easy way to create the illusion of fuller lips is to wear a shiny lip gloss.
•If the flash will be on, use entirely matte makeup, and be sure to finish your face with powder. A natural glow in the mirror can ruin a picture taken with flash.
•If your nose always looks wide in photos,try to make it slimer using makeup.
•Avoid very dark eyeshadow shades, especially in black and white photos; they create unnatural shadows and make you look older >.<

5. Pose properly
Depending on the photograph’s setting and position, you’ll need to change your posture to create the optimal effect. Here are some simple guidelines:
•Practice your expression in front of the mirror first. Get used to how your facial muscles feel in the position you like best. (Go narcissist  :P)

•Make sure nothing feels strained when you smile; when the muscles aren’t relaxed, lines show up by your eyes and your smile looks forced.
•If you’re older and are worried about fine lines, consider taking the photo leaning back or lying down. The skin appears more taut and less wrinkled when the head is tilted back.
•To avoid red-eye, look slightly to the side of the camera instead of directly into it.
•If your nose tends to look large in pictures, tilt your head back slightly to make it appear smaller and shorter.

•For full-body shots try the classic Red Carpet Pose: angle your body three-quarters towards the camera, one shoulder closer towards the photographer, and one foot in front of the other and your weight on the back leg. A disarmingly natural smile will detract from the contrived element of this pose

•Try different poses such as jump jump jump ^^

6. Choose flattering clothing.
Here are some tips on the best fashion choices for pictures:
•Wear solid colors; patterns are visually confusing and nullify the flattering contours that clothing creates around your body.
•In general, darker colors are more slimming.
•Avoid a black top if you have black hair or a red shirt with red hair – the colors’ similarity will wash your skin out.
•These color rules apply to skin tone, too: If your skin has very yellow undertones, don’t wear yellow clothing; the same goes for wearing pink with ruddy skin.
So be proactive about purging your wardrobe of clothes in unflattering colours. Get rid of anything that’s not “your” hue, even if trendy, so you won’t leave the house wearing – and get snapped in – a sweater that makes you look jaundiced. When shopping, pick up pieces in colours that make the most of your features.
7. Look thinner

If you’re expecting to be photographed on a certain date or at a certain event, avoid carbs and water-retaining high-sodium foods, to avoid bloat. If you’re being shot full body, feel free to contract your abs to give the appearance of a sleeker midsection, but don’t aggressively suck in your gut, as your ribs will jut out, plus you’re more likely to look pained. If you’re being shot torso-up, tense your arms to give them more definition, as long as you can maintain a smile. If you can arrange for the camera to be a bit above you so you’re looking up, that’ll slim your face.

8. Look taller, if you need to

If you’re petite and are being shot with your tall friend, stand on something (seriously) or sit down together so you won’t look like a dwarf standing next to a gazelle. (Tat's me >.<)

9. Wear accessories such as sunglasses, bandana, hats, scraft, etc whatever you like to make you look different and sunglasses work best when you take an outdoor pictures.
Source : retwitted from beautybunny and canadian living


Another tips : What You Should Know About Care and Cleaning Jewelry

I found another interesting info on "What You Should Know About Care and Cleaning Jewelry"
Hope this one is useful...

Because every gift is a memory cherished forever so we need to take care all our jewelry

General Tips

- Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.
- Don't clutter your jewelry pieces in a drawer or jewelry case. Pieces can scratch each other.
- Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry case or in a case with compartments and dividers.
- Visit your jeweler at least once a year to have your jewelry checked for loose prongs or worn mountings.(should we? I never do it haha )
- Be careful when taking off jewelry to wash your hands. Place jewelry on rim of sink to avoid slipping down the drain.

Diamond Jewelry
- Do not wear diamond jewelry when doing rough work. Even though diamond is the hardest material in nature, it can still be chipped by a sharp sudden blow.
- Avoid Chlorine which can damage and discolor mountings on your diamond jewelry. Keep diamond away from house hold chemicals.
- Clean diamonds regularly using a commercial cleaner, a mix of ammonia and water, or a mild detergent.
- Always thoroughly rinse and dry your jewelry after cleaning and before storage.

Colored Gemstones ~ Swarovski crystal
- Many gemstones are treated and enhanced. These treatments and enhancements can affect how you clean and care for your color gemstones. Consult your jeweler for more information on caring for treated or enhanced gemstones.
- After wearing wipe gemstones with a clean, soft, and slightly damp cloth. This will enhance the luster of the gemstones and ensure that your jewelry is clean.
- Store gemstones pieces individually in soft pouches. You should be able to obtain these from your jeweler.
- Do not expose precious gemstones to saltwater or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or detergents. These chemicals may slowly diminish the finish and polish of gemstones.
- Do not subject gemstone jewelry to sudden temperature changes.
- Hair spray, perfume and perspiration may cause the jewelry to become dull. Apply all cosmetics, perfume, and colognes before putting on colored gemstone jewelry.

Karat Gold Jewelry
- Remove all gold jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap can cause a film to form on karat gold jewelry, making it appear dull and dingy.
- Be careful of chlorine. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolor your gold jewelry.
- You can remove tarnish with jewelry cleaner, or by using soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia.
- Grease can be removed from karat gold by dipping jewelry into plain rubbing alcohol.

Platinum - Rhodium
- Platinum can be cleaned in the same manner as other fine jewelry.
- Store your platinum jewelry separately with care; not allowing pieces to touch each other, because even platinum can be scratched.
- Consult with your jeweler if your platinum is set with diamonds or other precious stones on how to clean and care for your jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry
- Clean your silver jewelry with a mild soap and water solution, allowing water to bead up, and the pat dry with a soft cloth.
- Store silver in a cool, dry place, preferably in a tarnish-preventive bag or wrapped in a soft piece of felt cloth.
- Do not rub silver with anything other than a polishing cloth or a fine piece of felt. Tissue paper or paper towels can cause scratches because of the fibers in these products.
- Make sure your silver is not exposed to air or light during storage this can cause the silver to tarnish.

Culture Pearls
- Apply all cosmetics, perfume, and colognes before putting on any pearls. When taking off pearls wipe it carefully to remove any traces of these substances.
- You can wash your pearl with mild soap and water. Do not clean cultured pearls with any chemicals, abrasives or solvents.
- Always lay cultured pearls flat to dry. Hanging a strand may stretch the threads.
- Do not toss your pearl jewelry carelessly into a purse, or jewelry box. A pearl's surface is soft and can be scratched by hard metal edges or by the harder gemstones of other jewelry pieces.

- No matter how handy you are, don't attempt to perform repairs yourself. Only expert jeweler/watchmaker should be trusted to put your watch back into working conditions.
- Replace broken or scratched crystals immediately. Even a hairline crack can let dust and moisture into the timekeeping mechanism, threatening its accuracy.
- Have your jeweler/watchmaker or an authorized watch dealer replace the battery in a quartz watch before it runs out. Dead batteries left in a watch can leak or corrode, ruining the timepiece.
- Oils from your skin can build up on a watch, you can give it a quick cleaning with a mixture of warm water and either a mild soap or a dish detergent. Dry the watch with a soft cloth after cleaning.

Source: Jewelers of America, INC. from Internet


How to clean your Swarovski Jewelry

There are some simple cleaning tips on how to clean and maintenance the beauty of the Swarovski jewelry.
  1. Use baby wipe can make your Swarovski jewlery shine again
  2. Make your own solution by mixing water, rubbing alchohol and the dish washing soap. Put that mixing solution in a container together with the jewelry. Close the lid and leave them for at least 3 mins. Rinse the jewelry using warm water (be careful ^^) and final step wipe the jewelry using a dry clean material
  3. Wipe the jewelry with tissue / wet tissue every time after you have wear them
Jewelries are also like parts of our body, they also need to be clean up to maintaining their function as well as their beauty. And looking after these wonderful items can’t take such a lot of your time. In the end, you may realize how significant it is to maintain the cleanliness, brilliance, and clarity of your jewelry that adds up on your personality. Not only for costly jewelry, but all jewelry it is important to learn care tips for jewelry.

Source : everywhere from internet

Tips for cleaning and maintenaning the sparkling of jewelry

Feeling tired after party? Usually we will just toss them all in a jewelry box without clean them. And that's apply to me. I know that it's not fun to clean your jewelry, but jewelry maintenance is really important if you want your jewelry to look its best.

There's a few tips that I've got from internet
  1. " Store fine jewelry carefully; don't just toss it in a jewelry box. The metals, gemstones and other materials can get scratched, especially if they are softer gemstones. The hardest stones -- such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies -- are the least vulnerable to scratching, but they still need to be handled with care. Wrap pieces individually in tissue paper or velvet, or arrange them carefully in a jewelry box so that they do not touch each other.
  2. When getting dressed, try to apply perfumes and hair sprays and let them dry before putting on jewelry, so that it doesn't develop a residue; this especially applies to pearls. Also, make sure all body lotion has absorbed into the skin before putting on jewelry.
  3. Do not wear jewelry -- particularly rings or bracelets while doing any household cleaning, gardening or other dirty work.

Sparkle-Swarovski-studded contact lenses for blinged vision

Changing your hair color,  using different make-up will absolutely make you become a different people. Even now you can change your eyes color by using a colorful contact lenses. But how about a sparkling Swarovski inside your eyes to make your eyes sparkling?

Swarovski studded contact lenses have surfaced to give a clear vision of the luxurious lifestyle.The ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses are the second place winner in the ‘Crystal Vision’ competition co-organized by designboom and Swarovski. Mallier took the ‘Crystal Vision’ theme literally when he designed the crystal eye ‘bling’. The competition had 4074 entries from 92 countries.

Dubbed “Sparkle,” Indian designer has encrusted tiny Swarovski crystals in a circle around the edges of the lenses. As a contact lens user myself, I am not sure about the comfort level of these bejeweled lenses. But one thing for sure, using these lenses will give you an the power to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Swarovski knows how to add that extra sparkle to everyday life, that's why we love Swarovski.


B-Necklaces Collection II

B-Necklaces Collections II
Enjoy our sparkling of Swarovski necklaces

Rhodium plated necklace with Snowflake and Crystal Teardrop Swarovski
SGD 55

Rhodium plated necklace with Copper Pegasus Pendant and Golden Shadow , Crystal Little Star
SGD 35

Rhodium plated necklace with Crystal Pegasus Pendant and Siam Heart Swarovski
SGD 35

Rhodium plated necklace with round crystal ring and Golden Shadow Cylinder Swarovski pendant
SGD 33

B-Bracelets Collections IV

B-Bracelets Collections IV

Crystal and Golden Shadow cosmic ring with Round shape Rhodium bracelet
Length : 6.5"
SGD 46

Light amethyst Heart Swarovski with Fuschia butterfly Rhodium bracelet

Length : 6.5"
SGD 36

Aquamarine Heart Swarovski with Crystal Butterfly Rhodium bracelet
Length : 6.5"
SGD 36

Crystal AB Heart Swarovski Rhodium Bracelet
Length : 6.5"
SGD 35

Crystal Square Ring Swarovski with Round Rhodium bracelet
Length : 6.5"
SGD 43

Rhodium plated bracelet with Crystal AB Heart , Starfish and Flower Pendant
Length : 6.5"
SGD 39

Beauteous Swarovski ~ Refer-Friend Program "U2U" to many of your friends as possible

Now our Refer-Friend Program "U2U" rewards you—and your friends—when you spread the word about Beauteous Swarovski.
Here’s how it works:
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  4. For each friend that buy, you'll get 5% off directly for your next purchase. Five or more friends that buy give you a FREE MYSTERY gift from Beauteous Swarovski.
PLEASE NOTE:  The friends you refer must be new and cannot have been previously referred by another member.