The art of earrings

To complete your fashion as a finishing touch to your look...for sure you won't forget your earrings.Instead of bringing out your elegance, feminine and sophisticate, they also can bring out your adorable yet sexy goddess.

As time goes by, the fashion and trends have changed. They always bring out new things to the market and society.

Back in 80's, you won't see men wearing earrings (or maybe yes...but you can count it with your fingers), but today you won't never see or meet men wearing earrings. Men love earrings as much as women. Earrings are a fashion icon for both men and women.

Let's back to 2500BC where only the wealth and royal lines could afford the expensive jewellery. According to archaeologists, the oldest earrings were found in Iraq in one of the royal graves.As time flies... earrings become popular in 1970s as every women can afford them and wear them for every occasion. And this trend keep moving until today,after has come a long way over the years.

In my own culture, every girls baby will have their ear piercing before turn one.
Maybe to ease people to differentiate is it a baby boy or girl?

Until today, the issue of infant ear-piercing still arise and still be debating.

When I was surfing, I found out this quote...and I love it...
So go girls...you deserve the best ^^
"What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful." , Scott Westerfeld, Uglies , 2005

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